Monday, February 24, 2014

Bypass the IE Compatibility Mode (IE8/9) in ADF/WebCenter App

Some times the IE compatibility mode is enforced to be used by your system admin at an enterprise level, especially for the intranet sites. Since Jdeveloper, a popup warning is shown to the user when ADF/WebCenter application is running on compat mode. The issues seen in compat mode is not supported by Oracle.

The solution to bypass the compat mode has been documented via Oracle Doc 1555476.1. I'd like to extract the key information of the such solution here:

A new feature has been introduced in JDeveloper/ADF and and backported to,, and through patch 14400317.
It consists of bypassing Compatibility Mode in IE browsers. The ADF framework will force the target document to the maximum document mode supported by the browser using the X-UA-Compatible META tag. This applies to desktop browsers in compatibility view mode and also applications that use the IE WebBrowser component to host content within desktop applications. For more information see ADF Faces Release Notes at

To set this feature, apply the following:

1. For,, 1. and, download and apply patch 14400317 in your JDeveloper/ADF environment.

2. For all the above mentioned versions, add, in the web.xml file of your ViewController project, the following context-param to enabled agent version detection using the Trident version over the browser version:



3. Finally, apply the patch to all environments where the application will also be deployed.

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