Monday, October 7, 2013

FileNotFoundException after Recent Deployment on WebLogic Server

You might experience the FileNotFoundException (OracleJSP error on rending your JEE app after a recent deployment on WebLogic server. You could also see errors in the log stating "unable to dispatch JSP page".

First thing to try is, clear your browser's cache and request the page again. If this is not helping, then the issue is from the server side.

When web application is activated and deployed, the new web application is exploded to a tmp directory under $DOMAIN_HOME, eg. $DOMAIN_HOME/servers/AdminServer/tmp/_WL_user...

These directories are used in subsequent server starts so the applications do not have to be deployed again. In this case, some of the files and directories are missing in the tmp directory, resulting in errors observed. It is unknown what caused the files/directories to be missing in this case.

To get rid of the error, simply need to either restart the manager server or force the re-deployment like below:

1. Shutdown AdminServer
2. Remove or rename $DOMAIN_HOME/servers/Adminserver/tmp directory.
3. Start Adminserver, this will cause all the applications to be deployed again.

There are others talks about the related weblogic behaviors:

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