Saturday, September 22, 2012

Oracle Weblogic 12c

I attended the Weblogic 12c boot camp this week and learned some great features of it and I like to share some of them.

The Cloud Application Foundation: everything you need in one box. It’s the foundation of the next generation of Fusion Middleware stack. Oracle traffic directory sitting on the top serves the software load balancer (can replace web cache server). Virtual assembly builder sitting at the bottom better simplifies the deployment process for multi-tier application topologies in a centralized virtualized environment.

Oracle Traffic Director: Oracle Traffic Director is a fast, reliable, and scalable layer-7 software load balancer that you can deploy as the reliable entry point for all HTTP and HTTPS traffic to application servers and web servers in your network. OTD will replace Oracle Web Cache as a software load balancer on Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud. Oracle says it delivers a 3 to 4 times performance boost to the Oracle WebLogic applications. OTD Data sheet can be found here. Documentation on OTD can be found here. Documentation on VSB can be found here.

Java 6/7 support: with new Java release, you are supposed to write less code to achieve your functionalities. Dependency injection, annotation, POJO and REST are all supported. You will have a cleaner and more maintainable application with Java 6/7. Besides, some nice code automations: on JDBC, no need to close the connection and the Java does it for you after execution of your code.

Enhanced Enterprise Manager with Cloud Control: lots of new features come with the EM on performance monitoring and diagnostics, configuration management and cloud management. You can take a snapshot of the diagnostics logs before restart the server for later analysis. Cloud management with build-in oracle support allows easy patching/unpatching and upgrading.

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